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Every week I coach groups of 4 to 5 students by videoconferences to help them better understand their lessons and learn in a fun and natural way without wasting several weeks trying to understand their lessons.

The goal of these coaching sessions

To learn to organize your work so that you no longer feel lost

Make lessons more fun so you don’t get bored during revisions

Discover new learning techniques to quickly learn and easily remember all lessons

Are you a normal high school student?

Math and/or physical science lessons by level with exam preparation: open for students wanting additional support in a subject. The course is based on a year-long progression in order to cover the entire program and, depending on the level, includes intensive preparation for exams.

Are you a student registered at the CNED?

It is not easy to follow the courses alone and motivate yourself to send the required homework (from the 6th to the final year – subject offered: maths, physical sciences, technology, NST, NSI, English, French).

English conversation classes

Develop your comprehension and oral expression around short films, games, exchanges. (level A1 to B2)

Need individual support? It is possible at kitoumath

We work together for a better education

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