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Taking e-elarning courses on a platform requires internal motivation, strength of habits and flawless regularity. You bet on your own potential in order to hone and deepen your skills, you believe in your possibilities. Perhaps you are already taking physical courses in a school, college or university, these online courses will give you the opportunity to review the courses at your own pace, to ask questions, to go maybe more far than the courses offered in your school and thus whet your curiosity even more!

To take math courses online, it is ESSENTIAL to use a notebook and a pen, to correct, to make mistakes, to correct oneself, to reconsider your conjectures, in short to explore your possibilities and to abuse your initial assumptions. .. in short you have to get out of the box! , express your ideas, and in a notebook never get frustrated at first about presenting the results. 


Maryam Mirzakhani’s preferred way of working _ the only woman who won the Fields Medal _ to solve a problem was to doodle on large sheets of white paper , marking her formulas around her designs . When thinking of math, Maryam Mirzakhani scribbles non-stop. She draws surfaces and other images related to her research. “She puts huge sheets of paper on the floor and spends hours drawing; to me, all the drawings look alike, ”says Jan Vondrák, her husband. 


Suffice to say that with such a sheet and without limitation to the imagination, Fermat would have had a large enough margin to write his demonstration …

Creativity and ideas come in writing, use a notebook throughout your learning, erase, draw, pose your strategy in order to best respond to the exercises and challenges offered.

In face-to-face, as a high school teacher, my best students used 3 to 4 notebooks each year for their exercises and problem solving. So why interactive exercises?

Because combining notes, personal notebooks and this type of exercise will allow you to move forward more quickly. The interactive exercises will immediately give you essential feedback for your progress. It is difficult in distance education, to see if our results and reasoning are correct, it is to overcome this kind of isolation that interactivity makes sense. 

The training exercises will help you achieve the goals and abilities expected of each session. In general, you can refresh your web page to change the mathematical expressions of the exercises and try your luck as many times as necessary. Not to mention that these exercises can be very varied (algebra, geometry, satistics …).

Finally at the end of each chapter, you will be offered a validation test. It will be a real assessment, like what one might have in ordinary class. Always work with a notebook at your side, interactivity here only serves to validate your final answer and be more active in your own learning.



Non-exhaustive description of the different types of exercises and tests that you might encounter on this platform, especially for math and science courses.