Mathematics is a central subject in school curricula in most countries. At the heart of basic knowledge, they are taught in class from kindergarten. Math classes allow the development of logic and modeling. Often associated with fears and preconceived ideas, they are available to all children, adolescents and students as long as they are approached with the right methodology.

Our mission is to bring quality education to everyone, everywhere. It is not easy to find a french-speaking and competent teacher abroad, without prices soaring!

Our individual online courses are taught in French, for french speaking people, all over the world! Our courses are adapted, according to your request, to the French, Swiss, Belgian or Canadian national syllabus! 

We are all going through a difficult and very anxious period. However, it is important that our students continue their school careers as calmly and quietly as possible. Online courses are the best option to ensure that we do not jeopardize a rapid exit from this pandemic and that our students do not lose track of their education.


Simple and quick booking  

Just fill out the following form. Don’t hesitate to include any files, exercises or part of courses that you would like to have more explanations during the lesson. You can make a reservation for a lesson  within the next quarter hour!

If you want regular classes at the same time, a regression rate may be applied. Write to us for more information.


Interactive courses

After your booking, a Zoom link will be emailed to you. During the course a link to an inetractive table will be offered to you. In order not to waste time, you can already open a free account on the miro platform and make sure you have installed the Zoom software. 

To intervene easily in the interactive table we advise you to use a stylus or tablet. This is not mandatory, but makes interactivity much easier. The interactive whiteboard remains usable with a simple mouse and keyboard. 

The online course is a real face-to-face course! At the end of the course, you keep access to the whiteboard and can download it in pdf file.  

Exercises and access to the course on KitouMATH-Academy . 

Depending on the formula chosen, you can be granted access to the KitouMATH-Academy platform, as well as self-correcting interactive courses. In addition to online courses with your teacher you will be able to evaluate yourself on standard exercises, controls and white exams and have access to hundreds of hours of courses in videos and online. An effective way to progress and succeed !

Example of interactive exercises (refresh the browser to start over with other data)


Mathematics education in major French-speaking countries

Our individual online courses are taught in French, for french speaking people, all over the world! Our courses are adapted, according to your request, to the French, Swiss, Belgian or Canadian national syllabus! 



Support course and assistance for CNED students

Are you French living abroad?

Have you wanted your children to follow the French National Education program in parallel with their national home curriculum?

Do you want your children to follow a quality French curriculum in parallel with the national curriculum without travelling?

Did you choose the CNED?


The CNED is the ideal solution for students who want to benefit from the French curriculum or who have not yet found their place at a high school or who are prevented from attending school regularly. This option is also chosen by many top athletes and students in sports studies or preparing the CRPE. Some French high schools and secondary schools abroad affiliated with AEFE or the Mission Laique, can only offer their students, at certain levels, courses of the CNED. This sometimes makes it difficult for students to cope on their own without regular and methodical support.To all these students and students of the CNED, motivated and eager to succeed, we offer them a special rate of follow-up year-round, alone or in a group with a certified teacher of national education.

We work with the official national education programs to offer your children the opportunity to reintegrate into the French system. Thus, whether in mathematics, science and physics, the NSI and scientific education KITOUMATH offers you an adapted CNED teaching assistance. Whether in individual or group classes, our mathematics teachers, trained in a pedagogy adapted to online teaching, accompany our students in their progress.


Write to us for more information.